"..a real experience and fun to work with AnnaCarin."

It's a real experience and fun to work with AnnaCarin. She is a communicative and driven person, who always delivers results. Anna-Carin's greatest strength is her curiosity and fearlessness in the face of new tasks. Using her social and pedagogical talents, she supports students so that they are constantly developing. I highly recommend Anna-Carin and congratulate new colleagues who will have a very good collaborator.
November 2015
Mikael Nilsson
University of Gothenburg
Department of Education and Special Education

"..knowledgeable, educational and objective"
I've hired AnnaCarin as a trainer at TRR in Göteborg for our clients, professionals who have been made redundant. AnnaCarin gets very good feedback on the workshop “Job interview” with an average rating of over 9 on a 10 point scale. She is perceived as very knowledgeable, educational and objective. As a customer I think she is professional, trustworthy and easy to have cooperation with. AnnaCarin is a very likeable person with a wealth of experience in the HR field. I can give her my very best recommendations as a business partner.
May 2015
Anna Karin Laurenius Kohle, career advisor and training manager, TRR.
"..a well-organized and transparent HR department.."

It has been a great relief that AnnaCarin has replaced me during my pregnancy leave. Her profound skills as HR professional have been pivotal in helping Swisslog EMEA forward during my absence. She has been an HR professional with a strong focus on our business. When I returned, I found a well-organized and transparent HR department which enabled me to easily take over again. I would like to thank AnnaCarin for being a strong deputy during my absence.
May 2015
Daphne Dumoulin, HR Business Partner EMEA, Swisslog.

"..very structured, planned and communicated her actions/plans very clearly. "

AnnaCarin was my 'manager' during my HR Interim months for Swisslog HCS Northern Europe. She worked very structured, planned and communicated her actions/plans very clearly.
She coached me, gave confidence and seemed to be always online according to her quick response on my questions/remarks. It was very pleasant to work with her.

April 2015
Hanny Kurver, ad. I HR Business Partner

"..a strategist who can combine speed with focus on results, and still being a good listener"

AnnaCarin has supported us to map processes and roles after the launch of our new organization. The activities have been performed in workshops together with me and my team members. I find her both competent and professional. She is a strategist who can combine speed with focus on results, and still being a good listener.
september 2014
Elisabeth Widskog, Department Manager Quality & Administration, Tjorn Social Service Center

".. a professional attitude in an efficient way"

"AnnaCarin has successfully supported Mastec in various management recruitments, both nationally as well as internationally. She works with a professional attitude in an efficient way with integrity, mixed with a pleasant approach. It is always a pleasure to work with her."
May 23, 2014
Johnny Ghosal, Managing Director, Mastec Packaging

"..extraordinary interpersonal skills.."

"Anna Carin supported our European Leadership Development program in 2013 and in 2014 in 2 consequtive years as a facilitator for one of the modules. She delivered a high quality development program and was able to navigate very well in the multi-cultural context. She is a well prepared and knowledegable trainer with extraordinary interpersonal skills. We also chose her to conduct the 360 degree feedback to the leadership program participants where she again delivered a good job with holding the feedback sessions for the colleagues."
April, 2014
Monika Somogyi, Regional HR Director South-East Europe, Finland and Baltics at Papyrus

"..a real pleasure to cooperate.."
"AnnaCarin is tremendously skilled and engaged. It is a real pleasure to cooperate with her."
March 13, 2014
Cristina Viksten, C Viksten Teknikillustration
".. easy to work with"

AnnaCarin is easy to work with, has good values and high integrity. She is very professional in her field of work. It has been a pleasure to work with her and I do it again when the opportunity comes.
September 10, 2013
Lars Kindberg, CEO, MASTEC AB

Certificate of Appreciation
" reliable sounding board for organizational questions."
"I have worked with AnnaCarin for the past 3 years and she has been during that period a true (HR) business partner for the European organization. She combines a very professional HR approach with a solid business knowledge and background, which makes her very valuable. She dealt very well with very specific HR challenges, but also acted as my reliable sounding board for organizational questions."
April 2013
Pieter Feenstra, Head Healthcare Solutions Europe
"..a full-hearted HR proffesional.."
”Have you ever worked with AnnaCarin Wardh? I did and truly appreciated it. AnnaCarin is a full-hearted HR professional with a very good combination of in-depth experience and enthusiasm. We have done a series of workshops and trainings together which turned out to be very helpful for her company to making a significant step forward in transforming itself into a learning organization. Should I ever have the opportunity to work with AnnaCarin again, I would definitively go for it.”
Feb 2013
Matthias Moelleney, Head of the Center for Human Resources, Management and Leadership at the University for Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich HWZ
President of the Zurich Association for Human Resources Management ZGP
"Personable, Good Value, High Integrity"
" AnnaCarin has been a trainer in our leadership program for future leaders. The module she was responsible for was called "Holding People Accountable" covering leadership behaviors, communication, conflicts, feedback and appraisals, and the management role among other topics.
Prior to the program she conducted a 360 degree survey for the participants with individual feedback sessions. Based on this the participants made own development plans. The 360 sessions also gave input for the training module in terms of identifying the focus areas to be covered.

We had a very good collaboration throughout this project and the feedback rating from the participants was high. We are now in the process of detailing the next round of our leadership program together with her. AnnaCarin is an experienced leadership trainer who is able in a clear way to link her own vast experience with up to date theory and practical tools"
Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity"
July 2013
Christian Carlsson

Senior Vice President HR

"..can bring out the best of her employees.."
“I had the pleasure to have AnnaCarin as my mentor during my internship in HR management at Capio Närsjukvård AB. She has thorough knowledge of her subject areas and is an engaging leader who can bring out the best of her employees. What I appreciate the most, is AnnaCarin´s professional integrity, genuine interest in understanding people´s needs as well as her ability to share her experience in a very natural and uncomplicated way.
I have found her extremely professional and focused on HR management. She was also supportive colleague who I enjoyed working with and from whom I learned a lot about HR management.”
August 15, 2010
Jolita Dubauskaite, HR handläggare, Capio Närsjukvård AB
"..good business result..."
“AnnaCarin has a high knowledge within her competence area.
I appreciate her as my colleague and a speaking partner in order to achieve good business result.”
January 12, 2010
Lena Hagman, Quality and Process mgr, Capio
"..a very strong and genuine HR Manager.."
“I know Anna Carin as a very strong and genuine HR Manager with a broad spectra of knowledge. She is capable to combine both "soft skill's" HR related issues with a strong business focus.”
June 11, 2008
Eva P Svensson, Owner, EPS Human Invest AB
"..a very professional team player.."

“AnnaCarin is a very professional team player, with high integrity, and she always delivers with the highest quality. Her planning and prioritization capacity is excellent, and you can always relay on her. She is an analyst with a pragmatic view but who never loses sight of the person behind the task. She has a strong sense of self, and is very highly rated and appreciated as a manager as well as a colleague.”
October 30, 2008
Cecilia Holmberg, Career Coach, Antenn Consulting AB

"..manages both the hard and soft factors.”
“Having worked with Anna-Carin over many months in a dynamic change environment, I can confidently recommend her as an astute leader who capably manages both the hard and soft factors.”
May 19, 2008

Andros Payne, CEO, Humatica
"..a balanced, pragmatic and professional style.."
“Anna Carin's skills are appreciated by everybody in the company -- both on a professional and inter-personal level. Her main strength is to deliver objectives in a way that is beneficial to all parties. You can always trust Anna Carin’s work in all dealings with her; she has a balanced, pragmatic and professional style that is an asset to any organisation.”
June 12, 2008
Cristina Danelatos, HR Manager, Swisslog
"..lead and successfully complete world-wide HR projects.."
“AnnaCarin is a highly experienced HR Manager, both on an operational and strategic level, with a special focus on Training&Development. In combination with her excellent personality, she's key in facilitating trainings, workshops and teambuilding events. Her strengths in project management allows her to lead and successfully complete world-wide HR projects like Performance Management.”
August 25, 2011
Philipp Uschatz, Head Corporate HR, Swisslog
"..making things happen.."
“AnnaCarin is tremendously professional and has a true HR competence. Some of her strengths I have seen is her ability of positioning HR in an organization and making sure that HR adds value. This through her reassuring way of acting and her ability of making things happen by a fantastic project manager competence. AnnaCarin is also a valued colleague who is generous and supports her colleagues.”
September 16, 2011
Caroline Spännar, Head of Human Resource Nordics, Swisslog
"..competence, commitment, and great personality.."
“AnnaCarin is a very experienced HR Manager and a trusted consultant for the management. It is fun to work with her because of her competence, commitment, and her great personality. She has implemented the most important HR process at Swisslog, which is performance management.”
March 17, 2012
Bernhard Richard, Corporate Compensation & Benefit Manager, Swisslog