Motivational Leadership - individual training program

Result oriented development process and training program for leaders and specialists which enhances the ability of developing people and business. This is a way to increase the skills in understanding how to get the best out of the team, how to build and lead a team, how to communicate effectively and how to find a good work/life balance.

·         Individual coaching

·         Achieve results by clear objectives

·         Create good habits

·         Increase profitability and well-being


Group Development
Workshops with management teams and teams in order to develop collaboration and effectiveness. The methods origin from IMGD (Integrative Model of Group Development) by Ph. D Susan Wheelan.
HR Business Partner
Strategic and tactical work within HR. This is about actions within HR that develops the business, such as anchoring of new business strategies, competence development to meet new market requirements, strategic recruiting and reorganizations. All these activities rely on excellent communication and thorough communication plans.
Performance management

Design of process, pilot study, analysis, training of managers and employees, train-the-trainer concept for other implementing countries, international roll-out, follow-up and evaluation.
All employees at the company were involved. The process had a number of steps: self appraisal, manager appraisal, performance calibration in the management team (performance board), individual appraisal and feedback, individual goal setting (business objectives and behavioral objectives), mid-year follow-up and high- and low performer processes.
Similiar projects run at a number of companies.

Employee surveys

Design, implementation, analysis and follow-up.

The surveys are a minor part of the work compared to the feedback process, communication and the development and fulfillment of action plans.

Leadership Development Programs
Design of leadership development programs, realization and follow up. Among all modules group development, leadership styles, communication, change processes, presentation skills, feedback, effective listening, negotiation, appraisals, SMART objective setting. In a large number of cases one important element has been to help the participants increase their knowledge of self, either by 360 degree feedback or by MBTI.

Develop relations and organizations by MBTIMBTI
MBTI (Myers & Briggs Type Indicator) is a well proven tool for self assessment and group development. By answering a questionnaire a MBTI profile is determined which describes the individual preferences in terms of relations, information gathering, decision making and life style. A MBTI result can neither be good nor bad, all results are equally good and serve as a starting point for self-knowledge and team development.
Based on this profile a better self-knowledge can be achieved. MBTI is an excellent tool to develop teams, to increase effectiveness, improve decision making and to make sure the strength of every team member can be used.
MBTI can be used on an individual basis, in workshops, presentations and in a structured process for team development.


360PictureA valuable tool for leadership and group development is 360-degree feedback. The tool used is the FARAX360 tool developed by Ph.D Jouko Arvonen. There are a number of various reports available; ledership, cooperation style and management team report.


The leadership report shows leadership from three dimensions; structure, change and relation. The evaluated person rates his/her own behavior and gets also a rating from other groups, such as superior, peers, direct reports and if relevant also other groups of people. The result is handled with confidentiality and feedback is given in a discussion between respondent and consultant. This discussion covers gaps, development needs and strengths. The respondent can use the feedback to make an action plan for development.The cooperation report is used by people who do not have any direct reports where cooperation behavior is being evaluated from the same three dimensions.
A management team can also use the 360 tool to evaluate the effectiveness of their work. All members of the team rates their perception of their work in the team. The report with the collected feedback is then used by the team in order to discuss how to develop their work and how strengths can be maintained. Example reports are available by the links below.

Example Behavior
Example Beavoir List
Example ManagementGroup

Reorganizations and restructurings

Negotiations, communication, training of managers, realization.

Learning organization
Implementation of the project to create a learning organization through behavior change, understanding of how broad the field of learning is, communication and training of managers and employees.

Certified UGL trainer (concept from the Swedish National Defense College).ugl logo

Runs a number of UGL-trainings every year.

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Competence and Development plans

For entire organizations with focus on business objectives, strategy and individual requirements.